The Army & Navy Union USA was organized in 1886 and is the oldest, perpetual membership veterans organization in the
United States. Its fundamental object is to continue National Defense and National Security. In addition, to promote, foster,
encourage and perpetuate fraternal comradeship among all those who have seen service in the armed forces of the United
States; to continue the high ideals of Patriotism, Loyalty, Justice and Service to this country and to educate all others in these
principles. Equally important is the imperative duty upon every member of upholding, guarding and protecting the honor and
integrity of our Constitution, our National Government, our Flag and the principles it represents.

The Army & Navy Union of the United States of America is a federally chartered corporation.

US Code, Title 36, Subtitle II, Part B, Chapter 229

§ 22903. Purposes

The purposes of the corporation are as provided in its articles of incorporation and include—
(1) holding true allegiance to the United States Government and fidelity to its Constitution, laws, and institutions;
(2) serving our Nation under God in peace as well as in war by fostering the ideals of faith and patriotism, loyalty, justice, and liberty, by inculcating in
the hearts of young and old, through precept and practice, the spirit of true Americanism, and by participating in civic activities for the good of our country
and our community;
(3) uniting in fraternal fellowship those who have served, or are now serving, honorably in the Armed Forces of the United States;
(4) protecting and advancing their civic, social, and economic welfare;
(5) aiding them in sickness and distress;
(6) assisting in the burial and commemoration of their dead and providing help for their widows and orphans; and
(7) perpetuating the memory of patriotic deeds performed by the defenders of our country.